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    Sungkai ( Peronema canescens ) is one among the various fancy woods of Indonesia. Sungkai belongs to a small number of species recommended by The Ministry of Forestry for use in the development of sustainable industrial forest plantations (IFP). The IFPs are carried out in response to an increasing wood demand and aim at reducing pressure on the natural forests, thereby contributing to national land conservation objectives, as well as to the supply of industrial raw materials.

    The wood of Sungkai is a beautiful light colour making it ideal to supply furniture for trend driven European markets and its strength means it is used in various ways from roof trusses in the village more specific purposes (veneers).

    The attractive grain makes Sungkai suitable for veneer, furniture and cabinetwork (Martawijaya et al.1981). Hence, Sungkai has the potential to be planted by local people on their own land for their own use and as a cash crop, in addition to IFPs for industrial purposes. Among indigenous pioneers tested on grasslands in South Kalimantan, Sungkai has a survival rate close to 100%. Usually, Sungkai is regenerated by cuttings rather than by seeds, because this is easy and does not depend on the fruiting season.

    CARE: Like all natural timbers Sungkai furniture should be kept out of direct sunshine for extended periods of time, our sungkai furniture is waxed rather than varnished to prevent yellowing and preserve the Matte texture.

    Do not expose the surface to liquids and wipe with a damp cloth to clean dust and surface grime.