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    Submerged Calla Lily's

    Submerged Calla Lilies

    Submerged Calla Lilies

    In case I didn't mention it before, I'm a huge fan of using candlelight to create an incredibly gorgeous and romantic atmosphere.  In this arrangement, the combination of glass, water and mirrors takes the already beautiful candlelight and heightens the impact tenfold by bouncing the light off all the reflective surfaces, creating both romance and practical lighting.

    Here, I've chosen to submerge Calla Lilies.  These tropical flowers are available in multiple colours to suit many colour schemes.  They're slim, (making them ideal candidates for cylinder vases), and can be early bloom or open bloom depending on the diameter of your vase, long stem or short.  Best of all they're priced very reasonably per stem.  

    Quality artificial alternatives are commonly made of latex, (real touch), which look and feel covincingly real.  

    I've submerged aspidistra ribbon around the bottom of the cylinder vase to hide the led lights and the flower weights.  Another option would be to submerge crystal rocks or gel balls.  This way the led light would illuminate the rocks at the bottom whilst simultaneously hiding the flower weight amongst the rocks.  This option would also be a lot less fiddly than cutting and securing aspidistra leaf but it depends on your preferred look.

    For rectangular tables, it might be best to limit the heights of the vases to allow for the flow of conversation from both sides of the table.  Round tables aren't as restrictive and this type of set-up is a great and economical way to effectively adorn a large 10 seater table.

    Tropical Centrepiece Ideas - Submerged Calla Lily's in Cylinder Vases



     These settings are available for hire (including delivery/set up).  Servicing Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast Region.